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Context of the consultation: in comparison to other Projects mostly devoted to substantive law issues, “SaveComp” aims at collecting and exchanging Private International Law best practices in the field of cross-border insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings. To that end, the Project foresees the involvement of practitioners, called – amongst other things – to answer this questionnaire, which is structured as follows:

  • Part “A” Addresses issues connected with the opening of proceedings
  • Part “B” Addresses issues connected with “insolvency tourism”
  • Part “C” Addresses issues connected “concurrent proceedings”
  • Part “D” Addresses issues connected “the applicable law”
  • Part “E” Addresses issues connected “communication and collaboration”
  • Part “F” Addresses issues connected “recognition and enforcement”
  • Part “G” Addresses “final and open questions and remarks”

General instructions: Most of the questions can be answered by marking one of the two options, with the opportunity in a number of cases to give further details on your personal experience. This questionnaire is mainly directed at lawyers, liquidators, notaries, mediators, and stakeholders in insolvency proceedings (e.g. banks, etc.). In answering the questions, please describe how the law operates in practice (rather than a general description of the law). Except for mandatory questions, you can skip questions you believe are not strictly related to your experience (intended recipients are of different nature).

Positive outputs: The practical comparative and international study aims at collecting practical issues. Their rationalization wishes to offer practitioners with further knowledge and tools to ensure a smoother cross-border cooperation.

Privacy: Your answers will be treated confidentially, and statistically and anonymously evaluated. Your name will not appear in relation to the data and the data protection regulations are strictly adhered. Please read the questions carefully before you answer. The questionnaire takes approx. 15-20 minutes.

Disclaimer: This document has been drafted for information and consultation purposes only by the collective efforts of the Partners to the Project.

Deadline: answers can be sent at the email address that is indicated in the file you download (for each linguistic version a different email address in indicated. Answer can be sent at the indicated email address by 31st January 2017.

Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation and involvement, and we hope you enjoy answering our questions.

Questionnaire (Italian version)

Questionnaire (German version)

Questionnaire (Czech version)

Questionnaire (Spanish version)

Questionnaire (Bulgarian version)

Questionnaire (Latvian version)

Questionnaire (English version)

Questionnaire (Dutch version)

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